Picture this: a giant pumpkin potentially worth $20,000. Must be a MASSIVE pumpkin, right? Now picture this, you grew this massive pumpkin only to have it disqualified from consideration over... a crack? Indeed.

So you want to grow a massive pumpkin?

A Wisconsin farmer named Mike Schmit grew himself a massive and very impressive (not so) lil pumpkin. It weighs 2,520-pounds and, according to ABC 7 out of Chicago, would have won Mike $20,000 as it's officially the heaviest pumpkin in the country. OH, but there's one itty bitty problem... there's a small, tiny little crack on the pumpkin. Yes, Mike's tiny crack has cost $20K.

Mike on his gargantuan pumpkin. From 23 ABC News/KERO via YouTube

The crack is only fingernail-sized according to the report. It's easy to explain how it formed, it was from internal pressure from the pumpkin's enormous size. Still, that's all it takes for the pumpkin to be DQ'd from consideration.

Mike's pumpkin just sitting around. From 23 ABC News/KERO via YouTube

The gargantuan pumpkin doesn't bum Mike out

Mike Schmit was a good sport about the situation saying,

It happens. There's no crying in pumpkin growing.

Atta boy, Mike! I'd be losing my mind. In fact, I'd drive my massive-but-not-good-enough pumpkin to the judge's house and um, set it nicely on his or her lawn. Take that, grass. You're a better man than I, Mike. And you grow a wicked big pumpkin too. This also proves once again that crack is indeed whacked. Scroll to see a video of Mike from the news report.

That is a HUGE pumpkin. From 23 ABC News/KERO via YouTube

Here's the video of Mike and his giant pumpkin.

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