Wasn't it fun to watch when gas prices dipped below $2 a gallon?  They've since risen up past that mark, but are still lower than one year ago, and are at some of the lowest levels in the past five years.  That's why it struck me as odd that the Iowa Legislature is looking at raising the state gas tax by 10 cents a gallon. Great...higher gas prices are right around the corner.  But once I heard WHY they are looking at raising the tax, it made a bit more sense.

The state is facing a $215 million dollar budget shortfall for road construction in the coming year.  That's where the extra tax revenue would go.  Fixing Iowa roadways.  That sounds important to me.  It's no secret that our infrastructure is crumbling, and road and bridge repairs are a high priority.  I hate tax increases as much as the next person, but what happens to your vehicle if the roads don't get fixed?  Higher repair bills.  Lower gas mileage.  It's all tied together.

So if prices at the pump go up due to an Iowa tax, be thankful that money is going to repair Iowa roads.