The Marion city council will look into changing the speed limit on Highway 13 north of the city, citing the fast growing area and several high profile projects coming to the area. City engineer Mike Barkalow says that development in the area has caused the city council to consider asking the Iowa DOT to look at the speed limit in the area.

The speed limit on Highway 13 was last changed in 2017 and took nearly two years to complete. Count the Marion Police Department as supporters of a lower speed limit. They want the changes done as soon as possible so drivers can get used to the new speed limits before the new Prospect Meadows project opens in May.

Prospect Meadows are a series of fields that are expected to bring 1400 teams a year to the Marion area with 12,000 visitors through the gates annually. Other projects in the area include new housing developments and a proposed school at 35th Avenue. All are reasons that will be presented to the city council as reasons to lower the speed limit in the area.


[via CBS2]

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