The Iowa governor has been making headlines across the country lately.

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Governor Kim Reynolds is getting a whole lot more national attention over this past month.   In late February, the Governor delivered the Republican response to President Biden's State of the Union.

Another reason for her recent stint in the national spotlight, has to do with her signing the transgender sports bill.

The official political material entitled House File 2416 reads, "only female students, based on their sex may participate in any team, sport or athletic event designed as being for females, women, or girls."

On March 3rd, Reynolds signed the bill into law. This immediately bars transgender women from competing in sports that correspond with their gender identity. It applies to all sports from the Kindergarten to university level sports, according to a report from USA Today. 

Following these big moments, Reynolds finally announced she would be running for another 4-year term in office. The statement came out on Wednesday, March 9th. In a social media post she said,

"Today, I am announcing my candidacy for Governor of Iowa in 2022. Because the fight isn’t over. And with your vote, your support, your prayers—we can get this done! I want to use the next four years to show how much further we can go when we trust Iowans."

Adam Gregg, the current Lieutenant Governor, will be her running mate this time around.

Following her announcement, another social media ad/post kept circulating about a visit to Waterloo.

"THIS Friday! I’ll be in Waterloo for a special announcement." 

Google Maps/CBS
Google Maps/CBS

This Waterloo rally could just be that, a rally.

Since she is running for governor again, it could be her attempt to drum up more support in Waterloo and Black Hawk county. There is no word on WHAT this announcement could be yet. It could be anything from just one of the first stops on her election campaign to some sort of new legislation being introduced.

Her rally will be held in Waterloo on March 11th at the Black Hawk County GOP located at 910 Decathlon Drive. Doors open at 12:30 pm.

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