It was a lively last listener lunch for July at PHAT Daddy's in Amana on Tuesday. Our winners from Ackerman Winery were great and even brought us some of their famous rhubarb wine! No, we didn't drink any for lunch. But things got a little interesting when it came time to cook our pizzas.

PHAT Daddy's owner Mike Curry asked me at the beginning of lunch if I would like to cook one of the pizzas. PHAT Daddy's wood fire cooks their pizzas in a huge brick oven that honestly looks like a big fireplace in someone's living room. I said I'd be willing to put a pizza in to cook and that's when the 'pizza costume' was brought out.

Now I'm no stranger to wearing costumes. I've dressed up like Dolly Parton and an elf just to name a few. So when I was asked to put on the slice of pizza I didn't hesitate. I'm not sure it's conducive to cooking as it was a bit restrictive. But I gently place one of our pizzas in the oven to cook.

Jen Zoeller
Jen Zoeller

The brick oven is amazing. I always wondered how we got our pizzas so fast for lunch. That's because the oven cooks at 750 degrees and can crank out a pizza in 90 seconds! Now, that's fast!

A big thank you to Mike and everyone at PHAT Daddy's for hosting us this July. They are a perfect fit in Amana. Check them out for their amazing pizza the next time you visit!

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