I'll admit it. I have sometimes wondered why the hot dog to bun ration issue can't seem to be hammered out. Why can I buy hot dogs in a package of 10, but buns only come in packages of 8? Is it some sort of bun buying scam by bread makers? Are they trying to get me to buy more unneeded buns? What then do I do with the six I have left over? If these are some of the questions that plague your mind while grocery shopping, I have some good news. The Heinz Company is using their clout in the condiment industry to say, enough is enough!

Heinz has started a petition at Change.org to force companies to sell hot dogs and buns in equal amounts. CNET reports that the company even produced a video to help get their point across.

Food waste is a serious issue in this country, as CNET reports that Americans waste nearly 40% of the food they buy. So come on hot dog and bun manufacturers! Step up and do your part! The issue is simple math! But have you ever asked yourself WHY the two products are sold in differing numbers?

First, lets start with the hot dogs. Manufacturers began selling dogs in ten-packs back in the 1940's because it was a nice round number. But bun makers stuck to the eight packs because the standard baking pans that companies used fit four buns per row. However, today there are pans available that have FIVE buns per row, but the four row pans are still the most common.

So head to Change.org and sign the petition. In a day and age where we can't agree on much, at least we can agree that hot dogs and buns should be sold as equals, and in equal amounts!


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