As if the end of the summer isn't a traumatic enough experience for kids, now we have to recall one of their favorite drinks too? I can't tell you how many packages of Capri Sun drinks we used to go through when my kids were younger. We had them around the house during the summer and they were a staple in cold lunches sent to school. But now, thousands of boxes of the drinks are being recalled due to possible contamination.

KTIV reports that the voluntary recall has been issued for over 5,600 cases of Capri Sun. Why the recall? According to officials at Kraft Heinz, who manufacture the drink, a cleaning solution that is used on food processing equipment was accidentally introduced into a production line at one of its factories. The good news is that only one flavor of Capri Sun appears to have been affected. Bad news if you're a fan of Wild Cherry Capri Sun, however.

KTIV reports that this is the case information you need to look for.

via KTIV
via KTIV

The 'use by date' on the affected Capri Sun pouches is June 25, 2023. The recall was put into gear after several consumers complained about a strange taste in some Wild Cherry Capri Sun drinks, according to KTIV. 

Anyone who may have purchased some of the affected products is urged not to drink them, and return them to the store where they were purchased. Customers can also contact Kraft-Heinz to see if their product is part of the recall and to receive reimbursement. That number is 1-800-280-8252.


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