It's Thursday, which is now also known as "Who in the KHAK Crew?" day! What's that, you ask? Well, it's really quite simple. We take a question from the party game "Who in the Room," and we try to decide who it best applies to out of me, Brain, Bob James, and Danielle. Then it's YOUR job to guess who we decided on, and if you figure it out, you get a cool prize!

K-Hawk Crew

Today's question was this: Who in the KHAK Crew was the biggest teacher's pet in school?" It ended up being a pretty lively discussion, with our choice being guessed LAST by the listeners! I guess we'll all just have to agree to disagree.

BOB JAMES was our vote for biggest teacher's pet, but it's honestly not a bad title to have. We just meant that Bob was probably the most organized and polite in school, which tends to make teachers like you! Here's the discussion on how we came to our conclusion:

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