Every Thursday morning, somebody in the KHAK crew gets thrown under the bus!

It's our 4th week of "Who in the KHAK" crew, a new game where we decide which one of the KHAK crew members (Me, Brain, Bob James, or Danielle) best fits the chosen description. So far, I have been voted the first to die on a desert island, Bob James was voted the biggest teacher's pet in school, and Brain was voted most likely to destroy their phone right before their insurance policy is up.

Today we asked the question: "Who in the KHAK crew has the dirtiest mouth?" I thought it was going to be me for sure, and so did a lot of listeners on the Brain & Courtlin Facebook page, but Brain was actually the big winner this week. What a relief! Here's our conversation that led to the group decision:

Next week's "Who in the KHAK Crew" is going to be ESPECIALLY fun! Make sure you're listening Thursday morning at 8:10 for the discussion!

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