There's nothing quite like a soft, warm cookie!

The website Love Food recently put together a list of the 'Tastiest Cookie in Every U.S. State," and after looking through the photos, I've never wanted a cookie so bad in my life!

The photo above is a chocolate chip cookie from a place called Scenic Route Bakery in Des Moines, which was chosen by Love Food as the top cookie in the state of Iowa. The article reads:

"If you're ever in Des Moines, stop by this modern bakery for their big chocolate chip cookies. Customers describe them as divine, saying they have a lovely crisp on the outside, while the melted chocolate chips make the inside all soft and gooey."

Scenic Route Bakery is located at 350 East Locust Street and offers a variety of other pastries, including sugar cookies, croissants, cinnamon rolls, peanut butter cookies, muffins, scones, and monster cookies. They also serve breakfast, lunch, and a variety of coffee beverages. You can check out the menu on their website HERE.

We have some pretty delicious cookies here in the Corridor, too! Some of the recommended places on Yelp are Crumbl Cookies, Kathy's Pies, Cookies & More, Cookies & Dreams, and Insomnia Cookies. The last time I was in Coralville I tried the "Slutty Cookie" from Cookies & Dreams and it was delicious, but if I had to choose a favorite, it would be the Waffle Cookie from Crumbl. They serve it with syrup and a dollop of buttercream frosting and it is LIFE CHANGING!

What's your favorite cookie to order here in Iowa? Let us know in the comments!

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