Pizza beats flowers and chocolate every time!

If you're looking for a casual and romantic way to spend Valentine's Day this year, we recommend putting on some sweatpants, turning on a rom-com, and sharing a delicious heart-shaped pizza!

According to a new article from Delish, there are a few different chains where you can pick up a heart-shaped pizza just in time for Valentine's Day (which is next Sunday, in case you forgot). The first restaurant listed in the article that has Eastern Iowa locations is Papa John's. The entry reads:

"You can likely still get a one-topping heart-shaped pizza for $11 at participating locations, according to Papa John's website, but we're sure to hear more about this deal once V-Day comes closer."

Sure enough, there is a page on Papa John's website all about heart-shaped pizzas, which they typically offer right around Valentine's Day and Mother's Day. We don't have any specific details on when sales will start yet, but you can read more about the offer HERE.

The second pizza joint that will DEFINITELY be selling heart-shaped pizzas again this year is Pizza Hut. Delish confirmed the news in the article, revealing that they cost around $11.99 and will be available beginning on February 8th.

And finally, an article on QSR Magazine's website says that Papa Murphy's plans to offer their popular 'HeartBaker Pizza' again this year. It will be available February 7the through 14th and will cost between $9 or $11, depending on the location. You can get more details on that promotion HERE.

Remember, not all locations of each chain may be offering the heart-shaped pizzas, so be sure to check with your local restaurant first. Enjoy your pizza and have a happy Valentine's Day!

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