This weekend I went on a bit of an adventure!

I've lived in Iowa over four years now, but there are still many, MANY cities and towns I have yet to visit. I happy to report that I can now cross Waubeek off my list!

To be totally honest with you, I had never even heard of Waubeek until this weekend. A friend of mine lives on a farm in northern Marion, so Saturday night we decided to take a little road trip to a bar called F.B. & Co. It was everything I hoped for and more! I absolutely love small-town bars with a divey-feel, and F.B. & Co. had exactly that. All the bases were covered: chips behind the bar, a stage with locals playing music, a pool table with a Nascar light above it, a bathroom covered in graffiti, friendly people, and extra-strong drinks. We had an awesome time!

My visit to Waubeek inspired a conversation on Facebook this week: What's your favorite small-town bar? Here are some of the responses:

Do you have a favorite small-town Iowa bar? Share yours in the comments!

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