I'm not ashamed to admit that my car is typically a mess, but I'm happy to report that I'm not alone!

According to a survey published by SWNS Digital, 49% of Americans admit to having a messy car. Most people will eventually tidy things up, but there are a few exceptions. Only 24% of the people surveyed say they never bother to clean their car because it's just gonna get messy again! Gross. Apparently the dirtiest places in our cars are the floor, the backseat, and the cup holders, and the mess is mainly crumbs, empty bottles, and food wrappers.

I've found some pretty gross stuff while cleaning out my car, mainly food-related (I really need to stop eating while I'm driving). One time my car smelled so bad that I HAD to do some deep-cleaning. I ended up finding half of a rotting lemon that had been rolling around under the seat for several months. I just had to have that freshly-squeezed lemonade at the Farmers' Market...

We want to know: what's the weirdest or grossest thing you found while cleaning out your vehicle? Here are some of the answers we got on Facebook:

  • Sarah Bryan Hefel - "We went on vacation to Florida one summer and a lizard had gotten into our car. We thought it had escaped safely, but we were wrong. We found it the following spring in the cupholder in the side of the door."
  • Becca Lasack Kruse - "This happened to my cousin, but I instantly thought of it: Note to self: Clean your truck out more often so you realize there's a tube of croissants laying on your floor under the trash BEFORE they explode while you're driving and scare the s*** out of you..."
  • Wendy Holladay - "Mouse droppings!"
  • Steven Butcher - "When my high school friends threw a dead fish under the back seat of my car I had to sell the car because I couldn't get the smell out. The fish was all bones when I found it..."
  • Cierra Rae - "A bag of tomatoes that had rolled under the front seat and I had forgotten about since I had about 50 other grocery bags I had to bring in. It had to have been a month or so later when I found them. They were liquified... how the bag didn't leak I will never know."
  • Marissa Leibold - "A Tupperware container of chicken legs I had brought for lunch to work. It must have slid off the back seat and under the front seat. I found it many months later with many weird colors growing inside. I just tossed the whole thing didn't even attempt to clean it. The smell was horrid."
  • Heidi Besler - "A cocoon of some gross thing."
  • Amy Wilcox - "My son left a gummy rat on the vinyl seat in summer. It melted flat, but was still in the same shape."
  • Wenonah Radway - "We had just gotten to a hotel after a 7-hour drive to meet my husband, who was on orders. We used his vehicle, so mine sat in the hot sun all weekend. I went out to get something, and when I opened the door it smelled like vomit. My kids were little at the time and one of them had spilled their chocolate milk from McDonald’s on the seat."

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