It happens to the best of us!

I'll be the first to admit that my car isn't always the cleanest. There's usually a bag or two of trash, some unopened junk mail, some food crumbs, and lots of dog hair floating around in there. When it gets too gross, I'll do a pretty intense deep clean, but sometimes I find things I don't expect.

Last Sunday, the weather was so nice that I decided to clean out my SUV. It was a long, cold winter with lots of snow, so it had been several months since it had been touched. After getting out the vacuum to clean up the carpet, I pushed back my driver's seat, where I discovered a whole rotting onion. It hadn't started to smell yet, but it did start melting into the floor. It must've rolled out of a grocery bag at some point, but I have no idea how long it had been there!

We asked you to share your gross car stories on Facebook this morning, and you didn't disappoint! Here are some of the reponses:

  • Cierra Rae - "A whole 10lb bag of potatoes we forgot about totally decomposed on the front floorboard of our car. The car had been out of commission all summer due to mechanical issues, so we didn't notice the smell or anything, but let's just say the windows stayed open for several days and there was lots of disinfectant. Thank goodness for rubber floor mats and the car wash, because some little creepy residents had taken up residence around the potatoes."
  • Kailee Meskimen - "A mouse was living in a nest on the underside of my car for 6 months."
  • Deb Campbell - "I went to visit my dad and he gave me couple bags of frozen fish he caught. A few days later, I couldn't figure out why my car smelled so bad. Then, after tearing my car apart, I found the bag of fish in back of trunk between seats."
  • Alex Thumma - "Not me, but I worked with a guy and we rode to Iowa city everyday. One day his truck smelled really bad, and for the next two days we couldn't figure out why. We emptied the truck and found a dead crow under his seat."
  • Elisabeth Klug Kissling - "A broken glass jar of vinegar had rolled from a grocery bag and hid under my car seat. I wondered about the pickled smell for a winter!"
  • Joe Hodges - "We were leaving to go somewhere and when we got in the car, there was a dead chipmunk with his head eaten on the driver's seat. Our cat put it there. Guess you should never leave your window open."
  • Stacey Lynn - "When my boyfriend and I first started dating, his car had a smell to it.... I didn’t want to say anything at first, with it being a new relationship. Eventually we searched his car and found moldy cheese in the trunk!"
  • Angie Kremer - "Kept smelling something rotten. There was a plastic container with a cooked egg that had been taken off a breakfast sandwich. In the summer after a couple of days, wow..."
  • Sherry Sibel - "A deer head... sick joke from a now ex. He hid it in the trunk for a couple days wrapped in a tarp... OMG."
  • Monica Dudley - "My nephew's sippy cup with milk in it. Found 5 days of heat and 800 miles later."
  • Josh Kissling - "Leftover salad got left in the backseat during the summer months in a car I very rarely drove. I discovered it 6 weeks later... it had oozed out of the container all over the rear upholstery. GROSS."
  • Myka Forrest - "A few weeks after I gave birth to our second child, I found the forgotten towel I had used to try to control the mess from my water breaking."

Do you have a story to share? Let us know in the comments below!

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