My name is Courtlin, I am one week away from being 29-years-old, and today I mowed my very first lawn.

Before you judge me, you should understand why I haven't mowed a lawn until today. Growing up my brother and I had chores, but there were certain ones designated to each of us. I always had to clean the bathroom, while my brother was always in charge of mowing the lawn. When I finally moved out for the first time, my roommate always mowed the lawn (because it was his house). Then when I moved to Iowa over five years ago, I lived in an apartment. I got out of mowing the lawn, yet again.

Six months ago, I moved from that apartment into a rental home. It couldn't be put off any longer: I would have to learn how to mow a lawn. Last week I bought a slightly-used lawn mower from a guy on Facebook Marketplace, but I still needed someone to teach me. My mom is all the way in Michigan and I'm currently social distancing from all of my friends, so I asked the only person I'm still seeing on a daily basis: Brain. Poor, poor Brain. Luckily, the mower worked perfectly and he had very little work to do. He was only at my house for 15 minutes, tops, but I still feel kind of bad. This isn't one of the things he agreed to when Townsquare Media hired me...

You know the weirdest part? I actually LIKED mowing the lawn. It was kind of relaxing, but I still got a bit of a workout. Who would've thought? I think it turned out pretty good!


It took nearly 29 years, but I finally learned to mow a lawn. What's something basic that you didn't learn until later in life? Maybe it's a basic skill, or maybe it's a piece of information! Here are some of the responses we got on Facebook:

  • Chelsea Harman - "Until my 20s, I thought a “Go Cart” was called a “Goat Cart.” I was so embarrassed when I learned I was wrong."
  • Kelly Weston Bredfield - "That Alaska is not an island. You know how on maps it’s shown separately like Hawaii..."
  • Joe Weber - "How to make mac and cheese. 44 years old."
  • Emma Schwartz - "The items Julia Roberts pulls out of her boots in Pretty Woman are NOT suckers."
  • Melanie Holten - "Pineapples do not grow on trees."
  • Talli Linnabery - "Burlington coat factory is not in Burlington, IA."
  • Sarah Lizer - "Here is a good Monday laugh for you: I didn’t know pickles came from cucumbers until I was 24..."
  • Jordan Ogden - "Never being raised around a church or with an understanding of the Bible, I didn’t know it was, 'Jesus, Mary, and Joseph.' For years, when I stubbed my toe it was, 'Jesus MARION Joseph.'" 
  • Sarah Monk - "I was in college before I learned to pump gas."

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