Tis' the season for neighbors helping neighbors and a great example of this recently happened in Iowa. Unfortunately, it can be a hard time of the year for those of us who have lost loved ones, especially during the holidays. However, when your community steps up to make life a little easier after losing a loved one it can be a special time of year and this is what happened to one farmer in Iowa.

According to KWWL, a farmer in Sumner/Westgate recently lost his wife in a car accident. Unfortunately for this farmer, it was also during harvest season, so the community stepped up to help. According to the Facebook post of a neighbor/friend, Brad Brownell, he described the amazing act of kindness that he go to be apart of for his neighbor who lost his wife:

Friday morning is when the true meaning of why we live here hit me. The combines, grain carts and semis rolled in to finish harvesting the corn crop that was still standing in the field. With in 24 hours of the accident happening the last of the 200 acres of corn was being finished up.

As amazing as this is, the story doesn't stop there. Brad goes on to describe how the whole community came together explaining how Bents Smokehouse donated lunch, Kerndt Brothers Bank donated drinks and snacks, and Viafield donated fuel and helped with grain unloading. This story is a great example of the true meaning of Christmas and shows how kind Iowans can truly be.

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