Tens of thousands of Iowa fans are set to stream into Kinnick Stadium this Saturday as Iowa gets set to kick off the season against Miami of Ohio. And while most Hawkeye fans are familiar with the rules and regulations of Kinnick, other first time attendees might want to keep this information handy. Here is what you CAN and CAN'T take into Iowa football games this season.

Items you are allowed to bring in include:

  • blankets and seat cushions (with no back support)
  • bottled water (sealed, non-flavored, 1 per person)

Items that will be inspected at the gates include:

  • Bags that are clear plastic, vinyl or PVC that do NOT exceed 12"x6"x12"
  • binocular cases
  • breast pumps for nursing mothers
  • clutch bags or fanny packs that do NOT exceed 4.5"x6.5" 
  • diaper bags
  • food items in a clear plastic bag
  • medically necessary items
  • one-gallon clear plastic bag (Ziploc or other)

Clear Bag Policy.JPG

I can't overstate the bag rule listed above. Make sure you have the proper size bag or clutch or you will not be allowed to bring it in. And that is NOT the way you want your gameday experience to start! You can view the full list of things you can and can't bring into Kinnick Stadium in 2019 HERE.



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