It seems almost selfish to think about, but almost all of us do. We think about what life was like before this pandemic. Before we had to wear masks everywhere. Before our kids sat at home and went to school on their computers. Pandemic fatigue has set in on many different levels. The bottom line is we're all tired of this new life we've been forced to live in 2020. So give yourself one day. One day, no virus, no worries. What would you do?

Each of us have things that we miss more than others. But any dream day scenario for me would have to include getting together with family. Seeing my parents, and giving them a hug, and not worrying about their health. Having them be able to see their grandchildren again. Seeing my brother and his family. We take all those little meetings for granted until they aren't there anymore.

My non-COVID day would also include getting together with a group of friends and hitting up one of our favorite local restaurants. We'd take up several tables that were closer than 6 feet apart. We'd laugh, drink, eat, and not worry. We'd ring up a big bill and then tip the hell out of our server because they'd been through enough. After that we'd go see a movie that we'd been waiting for a year to see. Eat overpriced popcorn. Sip on an overpriced Coke. See a movie the way it was meant to be seen. On the big screen.

Then to cap off the day, we'd all head to a live concert. A huge show with a big national act. No pods of 4 people. We'd be on the floor in a mass of swaying, singing flesh. Sweating and singing along to every word. Hands in the air without a worry in the world. Remember that feeling?

That's my dream non-COVID day. But for many people in this country, their dream day would mean having a loved one back. Not having to say goodbye to someone way to soon. That is our somber reminder that while we can dream of a different way of life, we still have lots of work to do to achieve it.

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