Every time I travel up Collins Road I see an empty, vacant building that once housed Ryan's Buffet. It was a Sunday staple for Cedar Rapids families, including mine. It's been closed down for years with no potential new tenant in sight. I've been in that area a lot more often recently and started thinking about what could go there.

1. Cracker Barrel. Hello? Many people, myself included, have been lobbying for this restaurant to come to Cedar Rapids for years. I thought the old Village Inn was the perfect spot, but it became a Chinese place.

2. Golden Corral. The building was home to a buffet before, and it can be again.

3. A bank, U-Haul hub, or car wash. Because there aren't enough of those around. Not even right next door.

4. A casino. Just kidding.

5. Orkin. See above (but those in the know will get the joke).

So, what do you think? How can the old Ryan's be salvaged? Share your comments below.