On the surface, Walker Hayes' breakthrough single "You Broke Up With Me" seems to be about newly-dumped guy whose ex approaches him at the bar wanting to make amends. But that's not the real story.

"It's honestly a shoutout to some people who fell off the map," Hayes tells Taste of Country Nights about when he lost his record deal at Capitol Records — and some friends in the process. "All those people kind off showed back up once this project began, and my thought was like, 'Hey, ya'll broke up with me.' I'm having a blast and I love that song."

The charismatic song is featured on Hayes' upcoming album Boom, alongside another unique track titled "Halloween." Surprisingly enough, the song is not actually about the spooky holiday, but is a love song to the singer's wife, Laney. Hayes says the inspiration came from the time one of his six kids left their jack-o'-lantern candy bucket sitting on the bathroom sink. "I always just wanted to write a love song to my wife that wasn't cliche," Hayes explains, adding that she's become "numb to love songs" since he's been writing them for more than a decade.

"Laney is somebody I can be exactly who I am around, I don't have to sell myself to her," he says. "It's relaxing to be around somebody that you don't have to try so hard around. I've always wanted to say something to her that really meant something, and that was unique." Hayes and his wife's six kids are all under the age of 12, so their home is "freakin' chaos," according to the singer, with holes in the walls from baseballs and baseboards that have been damaged from skateboards. "It's nonstop chaos, it's always loud, there's fires you have to put out left and right," he says of his family, "But we wouldn't have it any other way, they're amazing."

Hayes' Boom drops on Dec. 8.

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