Earlier this year, we upgraded the living room television to one that broadcasts in 4K. It is the most modern piece of technology that we have in our home. We don't even subscribe to cable anymore. Gone are the cable boxes and satellite dishes. Now we stream our programs thanks to high speed internet. Yes, modern technology is great, when it works properly! But many people like to hold on to a few of those old school devices.

What is the oldest piece of technology that you still have in your home? For some people, it might be an old landline telephone. I can still remember the old rotary phone that we had growing up. It took forever to dial on that thing! Maybe you just can't get yourself to get rid of your VHS collection and your VCR. Now DVDs are nearly a thing of the past with Blu Ray in the mainstream, and 4K pushing that format to the side. Admittedly it can be difficult to keep up with the changing forms of media. So what old tech do I still own?

Well, no VCRs in the Brain house. I know that I still have my first iPod somewhere. The model I have was the first one that also played video. I'm not sure the thing even still works. We have a couple of old cell phones laying around somewhere too. But the oldest piece of technology that we still regularly use is our turntable.

Ryan Brainard
Ryan Brainard

The turntable actually came from Holly's great uncle. When he passed away a few years ago, the family decided it would have a good home with us. It is a 1970 Magnavox console turntable. Everything on it still works including the radio. Nothing beats the sound of the old record players. The sound just fills our home when we play our records on it. I recently had to replace the stylus thanks to my friends at Analog Vault, but other than that, it has all it's original parts.

Some old pieces of technology are worth holding on to. What is the oldest piece of technology in your home?

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