The intersection of 7th Avenue and 7th Street in Marion is a bit of a mess right now. Construction of a new roundabout continues and there are just two lanes of narrow traffic through the area. Many people might not even notice the building being built on the west side of the intersection. But now that the building is taking shape, rumors about what business will be there are running wild!

In my research, which is talking to people who live in Marion, I've gotten two popular answers to the question "who's going into the new building on 7th Ave?" Both are leading nationwide donut restaurants. The answer I hear the most is Dunkin Donuts. The franchise is already in Cedar Rapids with a location on Blairs Ferry Road. The other name I've heard is Krispy Kreme. This one seems a bit less likely, as they only have 3 locations in the entire state.

No matter what goes into the building, I have a problem. It's only a few blocks away from my house! How will I be able to resist my donut cravings?

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