I woke to the news of what happened in Las Vegas last night, just like you. How could it be? It could've been me. It could've been you. But, HOW can it be?

Why have mass shootings become commonplace in our country? How can one person shoot almost 600 people? Just typing that number, it's so impossible to comprehend.

No matter the number of people killed, these things affect all of us. For us, who love country music so much, it hits even closer to home today. I broke down this morning when I thought about all those people who, just like you and me, love the music and the artists so much. They were simply following their passion and favorite artist(s), which led them to a huge festival outside Mandalay Bay Resort. Thirty-two stories above them was someone who wanted to kill people?!

I've heard so many people say this morning that it could happen at an Iowa game, a Cubs game, a theatre. Some have told me they're afraid. We cannot fear. We must live. We can't fear the insanity that has seemingly gripped our country. We must somehow, some way, get past our differences and love one another. I saw a sign in a yard somewhere last week that said, "The best place to be is together." There's no doubt about it. Let's love... hate is dividing us and causing unthinkable things to become reality.

Reported Shooting At Mandalay Bay In Las Vegas
David Becker, Getty Images

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