Having pets is great, but sometimes they can test our patience!

I adopted my Tater from Last Hope Animal Rescue back in March, and one of the main reasons I chose him is because he's already a full-grown adult dog. After raising the puppy from hell several years ago, I decided that I never wanted to go through that again. Charles, who lives with my mom in Michigan, stole anything and everything he could find and then proceeded to destroy all of it. His specialty was shoes. Even now in his old age, he will occasionally snatch up a shoe and chew on it if my mom slips up and leaves one out. He's lucky he's so darn cute!

Tater doesn't touch my shoes, but I've recently discovered that he absolutely LOVES socks, especially dirty ones. Lucky for both of us, he doesn't chew holes in them or attempt to eat them, he just steals them and carries them around in his mouth. It's actually kind of adorable, in a really weird, gross way.

This morning, we asked you to tell us about your furry little thieves. What does your pet steal from you? Here are some of the responses from Facebook:

  • Jodie Bailey - "In high school, I had a ferret that stole my little sister's barbie dolls and would rip their heads off and hide them around the house..."
  • Christina Schlimmer Bush - "My pop. If I leave the bottle sitting around she takes it, full or not."

Things Iowa Pets Steal From Their Owners

Does your pet ever steal things from you? Let us know in the comments below!

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