We asked, and you gave us some STRANGE answers!

Country singer Thomas Rhett recently did an interview where he revealed what his wife Lauren has been craving over the course of her pregnancy. His answer wasn't too strange or specific; he said she's just been eating more ice cream than usual, so they keep a well-stocked freezer.

This got us talking about more interesting pregnancy cravings that we've heard of. Brain's wife craved salty foods, like green olives, when she was pregnant with their son, Chase. He said she loved green olives SO MUCH, that she once ordered a pizza topped with a ton of them. No thanks! With his two daughters, Brain's wife craved sweeter foods. With my mom, things were the opposite. She craved salty foods with me, like chips and french fries, and sweet foods, like candy and baked goods, with my brother. As an adult, salty foods are my absolute favorite, and my brother is obsessed with sweets!

We asked you to tell us your interesting pregnancy cravings, and you delivered! Here are some of our favorite responses:

What was your interesting pregnancy craving? Share yours with us in the comments!

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