Christmas is less than two weeks away. Parents are scurrying around buying those last minute gifts and kids are beginning to dream about what Santa will bring them. But a bigger question is whether Santa will have a nice fresh coat of white powder for him and his reindeer to travel on! What are the odds that we'll actually have a white Christmas in Eastern Iowa?

First of all, what counts as having a 'white' Christmas? Flurries? No, we'll need at least one inch of snow on the ground to properly define the holiday as 'white'. And let's face it. Forecasting weather accurately can be hard. We've seen that once this year already with a snowstorm that dumped a lot in some areas and none in others. Right now the extended forecast doesn't show any real chance of snow until next Friday, and that is questionable this far out.

Meteorologists will have a better idea next week but right now a white Christmas looks like it could come right down to the wire. Historically, snow on Christmas is around a 50-50 chance in Eastern Iowa. Northern Iowa has the best chance with six or seven out of 10 Christmas' being white. Southern Iowa has the least likely odds at around 30%. But one thing is for sure. Never bet on the weather. Here's hoping our Christmas turns out white!


[via KCRG]

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