In the waning moments of Iowa State's 30-14 win over unbeaten West Virginia, the TV cameras showed students gathering and getting ready to storm the field. There was no doubt what was about to happen in Ames this past Saturday night. When your team knocks off a team ranked 6th in the nation, a field storming is almost implied. But that didn't sit well with those on the losing side.

During the weekly Big 12 Coaches Conference call on Monday, West Virginia head coach Dana Holgorsen expressed his disapproval of Iowa State fans storming the field. He called it "unprofessional", and that the job of all involved is to "keep student athletes safe." Iowa State coach Matt Campbell said that he thought the administration handled the situation well. Campbell and other ISU staff members even skipped the celebration and helped get West Virginia staff and players to safety.

I'll give Holgorsen this. It was a bit dicey on the field. Thousands of jacked up Cyclone fans can't be easy to deal with after losing your first game of the year. Getting players and coaches off the field should be the first priority. Or you could try something else. Like not losing. Asking fans hungry for a big win for their program to stay put when the clock hits zero is a bit unrealistic. Ask Iowa fans after last year's drubbing of Ohio State. I don't recall Urban Meyer complaining. He knew that winning the game would've stopped Iowa fans from celebrating. Period.

If you don't want fans to storm the field, then the NCAA can either ban it, or teams like West Virginia should do the other obvious thing. Win the game.


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