I mean, I am not sure it's a good idea to rely on Google as your life coach but, that isn't stopping anyone. A new study done by AT&T found the question starting with 'Should I...' that people Google the most in every state.

So what did we Google most in Iowa?

Should I... FAST?

Really? Maybe we're getting a jump on resolutions.

Here are some other state highlights:

1.  'Should I have a baby?' in Pennsylvania. (Um, as long as the follow up isn't HOW TO have a baby...)

2.  'Should I nap?' in Virginia.

3.  'Should I cut my hair?" in Arizona, New Jersey, North Carolina, and Ohio.

4.  'Should I delete Facebook?' in Washington. (No, but you should like US on Facebook hint hint)

5.  'Should I apologize?' in Texas.

6.  'Should I break up with my boyfriend?' in Illinois. (Hmm... sorry to all dudes who got dumped 'cuz Google said so...)

7.  'Should I text him?' in Florida, Georgia, and New York.

8.  'Should I care?' in Idaho, Maine, New Mexico, Oregon, and West Virginia.

Wanna see more? Check out the full map HERE.

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