According to a new survey, 80% of moms have been criticized on their parenting at some point in time.

I'm going to start by saying no, I am not a mom, but I can definitely appreciate how hard all you moms out there work. Moms are pretty much superheroes. I like to think that MOST parents out there are doing the best they can and are trying to figure things out along the way. That's not to say that moms couldn't sometimes use some guidance or advice. I firmly believe that there's no "right way" of doing anything when it comes to parenting, because all families are totally different. That's why this whole "mom shaming" thing drives me absolutely nuts.

A new survey of over 200 moms revealed that mom shaming is more common than we thought. Four in five moms have been mom shamed at some point in their parenting career. What is mom shaming, you ask? Well, it could be a comment like, "that's not how you should hold your baby!" or, "I can't believe you don't breastfeed!" It could be criticism on how you left your child with a babysitter too soon, or that you ACTUALLY went back to work instead of staying home with the baby. Basically, it's any comment that can be translated to, "SHAME ON YOU FOR NOT CHOOSING TO PARENT THE SAME I WAY I PARENT!"

67% of those moms that have been shamed say they were shamed by another mom, and 64% have been shamed on their feeding choice. Additionally, 40% of those moms have been shamed online, and one in three by phone/text.

I just want to take a second to tell all the moms out there how wonderful they are. Unless a mom is doing something that physically or emotionally damages their child, how much TV they let their child watch or the fact that they don't hand-make all of their baby food shouldn't be your concern. Don't let the haters get you down!

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