If you enjoy hikes along the non-paved pathways in Iowa parks be on the lookout for poison ivy, which could be getting even more dangerous.

The Natural Resources Defense Council is saying that climate change has produced larger leaves supercharged with a more toxic oil that can stay on items for up to five years.

Dr. Doug Layton of UnityPoint Health told KCCI "some people are truly allergic to it. It'll show up all over their body with blistering and irritation. You can have the oil on clothing or on your pets and get exposed from it that way."

A good word of advice to recognizing poison ivy is "leaves of three, let them be." The poison ivy plant has a cluster of three leaves, pointy at the tip, and each group of three leaves grows on its own stem which connects to the main vine.

Doctors advise you to remember the one hour rule. If you're exposed, use rubbing alcohol to clean the area and wash clothing immediately. If the rash is over more than 10 percent of your body, see your doctor.

[via KCCI]

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