San Francisco 49er fans keep reminding themselves that tight end George Kittle was a 5th round draft pick. The former Iowa Hawkeye wasn't on a lot of teams radars coming out of college. He's making them pay every week. Kittle is quickly developing into one of the best young tight ends in the game.

Last night, the 49ers were faced with the daunting task of starting their 3rd string quarterback against bay area rival Oakland. Nick Mullens turned in a performance for the ages and will be getting a lot of headlines this morning. It helps when you've got a tight end like Kittle to throw to. Check out THIS catch from last night's game.

Mullens would reward Kittle later on the drive with a touchdown pass. Kittle is having a great season in San Francisco. He's averaging over 15 yards per catch. He has 41 receptions for nearly 700 yards and 3 touchdowns on the year. It doesn't seem to matter who is throwing him the ball!

One thing is for sure. Kittle is on his way to being an all-pro tight end in the NFL. Not bad for a fifth-round pick.


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