Cord-cutting has reached a strange juncture point. Older viewers accustomed to the cable TV format, with its rigorous schedule and dozens of channels, have grown to miss it. Some even seem to resent the chaos of endless choices of on-demand streaming. They miss the structure and order of cable. Sometimes, not having to choose what you want to watch is kind of freeing.

Meanwhile, some younger viewers who never grew up with cable have begun to realize the concept has advantages. Instead of needing to remember where the thing you want to watch is streaming and what episode you were up to, you just click a button, look at a channel guide, and you’re off. Newer does not always mean better.

For all of those people, there are a growing number of services and websites that offer a cable-like experiences on streaming. Those sites and apps include Pluto TV, which is owned by Paramount and offers not only on demand movies and shows but also pre-programmed “channels” in a variety of genres. Increasingly, Pluto and other services are also offering 24/7 channels of just one show, so if you desperately need to watch an episode of, say, Three’s Company at 4:30 in the morning, you can do that.

In fact, Pluto currently offers well over a dozen channels dedicated to classic TV shows, and they add more all the time. (They just added a channel dedicated to Transformers cartoon shows just a few weeks ago.) Here’s 20 you can watch right now — or any time you feel like it.

Classic TV Shows With 24/7 Streaming Channels

Want to watch vintage television series for free? All of these shows are streaming on their own 24/7 channels on Pluto TV.
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