Walker Hayes and his wife Laney have been married for 18 years, but as of Saturday (Sept. 3), they're newlyweds all over again -- well, kind of. The couple "renewed" their vows in a spontaneous, low-key ceremony in their kitchen over the weekend, with help from (and, it seems, at the behest of) their young daughter, Everly.

Everly served as the officiant for the wedding, looking on as Laney walked up to meet Hayes by the couple's refrigerator, which served as a makeshift altar. For her bridal look, Laney wore workout gear, a shirt that read "I Love '90s Country" and a white veil, carrying a single flower in a pot in her hands.

Meanwhile, the "Fancy Like" singer sported an equally casual look, rocking a backwards baseball cap and jeans and humming "Here Comes the Bride" as his wife approached.

"God, you're just as beautiful as you were when I dropped you off last night. Wow, that's quite a veil you've got there," Hayes says with a smile, as Laney admits she feels a little under-dressed for her big day.

The couple kept the ceremony very brief, as once Laney's veil had been lifted, Pastor Everly immediately announced that it was time to kiss the bride. "This is exactly how we kissed the first time," Hayes says, before wrapping Laney in an exaggerated dip and showering her with pecks. "Awww, romantic!!" Everly screams approvingly.

In her capacity as officiant, Everly also introduced a new tradition into her parents' most recent wedding ceremony: She presented them with a napkin she'd been holding throughout their vows, and instructed them to kiss it. "Kiss the napkin?!" Laney asked in response.

"Is it dirty?" Hayes added.

After ascertaining that the napkin was clean, the couple acquiesced to their daughter's request, bending to kiss it before the end of the wedding proceedings. "Thank you very much. Thanks for coming to our wedding," Hayes tells the camera at the end of the clip.

Everly is one of six kids that Hayes and Laney share. The couple's oldest daughter, Lela, frequently helps her dad come up with TikTok dances for his songs and performs them with him on social media.

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