As we speed towards the holiday shopping season, its a safe bet that nothing will be 'normal' in 2020. The coronavirus pandemic has made sure of that. Large crowds of shoppers are something that we all are seeking to avoid this year. But what are retailers supposed to do? Wal-Mart thinks they have solved the whole Black Friday dilema. How do we avoid the huge crushing crowds of Black Friday shopping? By having THREE Black Fridays!

NBC News reports that Wal-Mart will be splitting up its Black Friday sales into three different events this year in an effort to control crowd sizes, and not overwhelm the already jittery supply chain. Here is how the Black Friday events at Wal-Mart are going to work in 2020.

NBC News says that 'Black Friday Deals for Days' will kick off online on November 4th, with deals on toys, electronics, and home products and will continue in store on November 7th. The second event will begin on November 11th with savings on computers, tablets, TVs, movies, music, and more, continuing in store until November 14th. Then, the final event kicks off online on November 25th in store on the true 'Black Friday', the day after Thanksgiving.

Wal-Marts announcement comes as shoppers look to start their holiday shopping early this year. A new survey found that 31% of shoppers plan to start early with a whopping 75% of them saying they'll shop mostly online. Is this the death of the traditional Black Friday? Experts say probably not, but in 2020, who knows?

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