The year that I start collecting vinyl records is the year that sales hit a record high. Despite the money I've spent, I didn't do it all myself. I had plenty of help. Sales of vinyl records were up again in 2016, for the 11th straight year.

Record sales were up 10% over sales in 2015. There were over 13.1 million records sold last year. No, they aren't ALL in my record cabinet at home. You can thank me for well over 100 of that total, however. Even though vinyl sales are up, records still only account for 6.5% of all albums sold.

Rock continues to be the strongest genre on vinyl accounting for 69% of all albums sold. Which records sold the most copies? This is always interesting to me. You have a mixture of new music put out on vinyl, and the strong sale of classic albums. The number one selling album of 2016 was 'Blurryface' by Twenty One Pilots. It was followed closely by 'Blackstar', the last album from the late David Bowie. Also in the top ten are classic albums by The Beatles, Miles Davis, and Bob Marley.

albums 2

There is a reason those albums continue to sell. They're classics and belong in your collection if you're into vinyl. All signs point to the vinyl resurgence to continue. With a record store now open in Newbo, there is no excuse not to expand your collection today!

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