For some of us, this Iowa winter has simply been too much. It has pushed to the limits of what we can put up with. It has pushed others over the edge. A Vinton woman's Facebook page has gone viral after she announced that she's had it with Iowa, and had it with winter!

Wendy Lange put up a simple message courtesy of her new profile picture on Facebook this week. That message has been shared over 24,000 times! She hates Iowa and wants to move!

That's right. Wendy is so sick of Iowa and this long winter that she is selling her house and getting out of town! There's no word on where she'd like to relocate but Florida or Arizona seem to be popular destinations for Iowa snowbirds.

Comments on the photo have been disabled but one comment that IS there is one from her realtor listing the property for you to review. It seems that Wendy is serious. She's done with Iowa. Talk about a motivated seller!


[via News4Jax]

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