It was January 16, that a search warrant resulted in more than 700 animals being rescued from a home on West 6th Street in Vinton. The home's owners, Marshall and Barbara Galkowski, are facing seven different charges involving the animals and the couple's children.

The animals were all put in the care of the Cedar Valley Humane Society and in February a civil settlement gave custody to the Humane Society. In turn, the CVHS forgave all the costs they incurred caring for the animals.

The animals and three kids, all under age 14, were determined to be living in unsanitary conditions. Now, 38-year-old Barbara and 36-year-old Marshall Galkowski are facing four counts of animal neglect and three counts of Child Endangerment Without Injury. The animal neglect charges are all simple misdemeanors, while the Child Endangerment charges are aggravated misdemeanors.

Cedar Valley Humane Society spokesperson Preston Moore told CBS 2,

We are pleased that law enforcement was able to pursue criminal charges against the Galkowskis. Anyone who watched these events unfold over the past two months could plainly see that neglect had taken place, and we are glad that justice will be served for these animals. The animals taken from the Galkowski home are now thriving and finding new homes.



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