Another case of animal neglect out of southeast Iowa.

Just last week we told you about over 40 neglected dogs that were rescued from a southeast Iowa mobile home. Now, we have a similar case out of that region. According to KCCI, 42 dogs were removed from an unlicensed breeder in Lee County. The Animal Rescue League of Iowa assisted in removing the animals from what was described as "terrible conditions."

The organization's Facebook post states that those terrible conditions involved a house that was packed with dogs and puppies crowded in cages in almost every room and had an overpowering smell of urine. Those cages were stacked on top of each other and sometimes contained two or three adult dogs and even mothers with puppies that were barely able to move. The cages also contained waste.

Dog breeds removed Great Danes and Weimaraners to Dachshunds and Corgis. Hamsters were also removed from the property. The animals were taken to Des Moines to be examined, vaccinated, and treated. Many of the animals were "thin, with rotten teeth and were crawling with fleas." The condition of these animals is truly sad to see. You can read more details from the rescue and see some of the animals in the post below.

After reading through some of the Facebook comments on the post, it appears that the ARL of Iowa is working with law enforcement on an investigation. There is no word yet on charges.

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