What's old is kind of cool again...A few companies and even pop-up shops are trying to get in on this prerogative!

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There's something kind of special about rifling through a bunch of old or pre-owned items looking for a gem. I feel like I'm treasure hunting when I go out to a vintage shop.

Vintage or secondhand stores have been making a resurgence over the past couple of years.

Younger people have taken a keen interest in the fashion and clothes of years gone by. Is it because of the rise of nostalgia or simply because certain trends are cool again?

Who knows?

According to a story from Global News, it's younger people who are driving this resurgence and interest in the vintage clothing industry. People and businesses in Iowa are leaning into these trends.

One local vintage clothing collective has a pop-up event scheduled for this month in Cedar Falls.

The people behind Northern Iowa Vintage and Iowa Vintage Collective announced that a vintage market pop up would be coming to the college town in late April. The Cedar Falls Vintage Market will take place on April 23rd from 10am-4pm.

Located at the River Place Plaza in Cedar Falls, the market will be full to the brim with vintage UNI merch as well as various tees, pants, and sweatshirts!

If you're itching to get of a sneak peak of some of the merchandise that they will be selling on that Saturday, make sure to check out their Instagram.  I was looking through it myself and felt my wallet get lighter.

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