It's April 15th! That means if you haven't sent your taxes in yet, you could be in a bit of trouble. I sent my taxes in very early his year because I knew if I put it off I would probably forget. I also wanted to get my refund as soon as possible so I could use it!

The average refund for Americans this year is $2,815, and, not surprisingly, a lot of people plan to use that money for a vacation. 33% of them to be exact. Coming in second is putting the money into a savings account, with 32% choosing that option. Third place was using the refund to pay off debt, with 31%. A very, very small percent of people will use their refund money to buy a house, go on a shopping spree, or buy a gift for their child.

Last year I used mine to go on vacation, but this year I decided to pay off some bills and put some in my savings (which I already used). Which category do you fall under? Will you spending your refund on fun stuff or bills?

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