Face masks have not been mandated in the state of Iowa, but the University of Iowa has made the decision to require the coverings on campus.

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Many businesses across the state have opened back up, restaurants are offering dine-in at 50 percent capacity, and city and state parks are even allowing visitors. Doors may be opening, but social distancing, health, and safety guidelines continue to be required, as the threat of the coronavirus is still very relevant.

According to KCRG, looking at Iowa as a whole, we're showing a downward trend of coronavirus cases. Some counties, however, are still seeing spikes. Despite the county spikes, the report states that Iowa Governor Kim Reynolds has no plans to mandate mask wearing in the state and would rather "leave that up to Iowans themselves".

Well, the University of Iowa has taken it upon themselves to require face coverings on campus. KCRG reports that "students, faculty, and staff are required to wear" the coverings while on campus, with the exception of in a private office. The University is even supplying the coverings. According to the report, the University of Iowa plans to give each person "two reusable cloth masks, two disposable masks, and one face shield." Since they are requiring it, it's definitely good of them to provide the necessary equipment.

Other safety measures they are taking include setting aside isolation rooms in campus housing and holding classes of 50 students or more online. Face coverings may not be the most comfortable thing to have to wear, but if it can prevent the spread of the virus, then why not? It's something simple that we can do that has the potential to make a big difference.

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