Uber is following in the footsteps of Lyft and allowing passengers to tip their drivers right through the Uber app.

It's about dang time! About a week after Uber CEO Travis Kalanick stepped away from his position with the company, Uber is announcing some changes to help them move forward. The campaign is called "180 Days of Change," and was officially announced yesterday. Over the course of the next six months, Uber will be working to clean up their image and improve the company, for both drivers and riders. The first issue they seem to be addressing is driver earnings. One of the big steps will be adding a tipping option within the app, since right now your only option is to tip in cash. The new feature is expected to hit all U.S. cities by the end of next month.

As a frequent Uber rider, I've always wondered why the tipping option was never included. You don't pay in cash to ride, so why have to tip with cash? When I was in Chicago I started using the Lyft app, and the in-app tipping made things SO much easier. I never carry cash with me, so it saved me quite a few times. I'm happy to see Uber is jumping on the bandwagon.

You can read more about Uber's big changes HERE.

[Via CNN]

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