A new record!

This weekend was the annual Dance Marathon over at the University of Iowa, and a TON of money was raised for some amazing kids!

What is the Dance Marathon, you ask? Well, according to the University of Iowa Dance Marathon's Facebook page:

"Dance Marathon is a student run organization that works to support cancer patients and their families being treated at University of Iowa Children’s Hospital. It is a year round organization that culminates with a 24-hour Big Event in February. The Big Event honors children’s fight against cancer and celebrates life. Since its creation in 1994, Dance Marathon has raised over $14.5 million for children being treated right here in Iowa City."

This year's event took place in the main lobby of the Iowa Memorial Union, with over 2,300 participants. The dancers were up from 7 p.m. Friday until 7 p.m. Saturday, and raised a total of $2,572,130.23! What an amazing accomplishment!

[Via KCCI]

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