Man's best friend might just be a solution to the lack of coronavirus testing worldwide!

According to CBS News, a group of researchers in the U.K. is attempting to train dogs to detect coronavirus, just like they can detect other conditions like cancer and diabetes. The article says:

"Researchers from the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, the nonprofit Medical Detection Dogs, and Durham University say they have 'begun preparations to intensively train dogs so they could be ready in six weeks.'"

The researchers will first have to determine if coronavirus has a "specific odor" like some other respiratory diseases. If it does, the dogs can potentially be trained to detect it, even in people who aren't showing any symptoms. They could also be trained to sense if a person has a fever. Researchers believe that this could possibly stop a "re-emergence" of the disease from happening later down the line.

Dogs really are the greatest, aren't they?! You can read more on dogs being trained to detect coronavirus from CBS News HERE.

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