Tornado sirens sounded in several communities yesterday. Towns like Marshalltown, Pella, and Bondurant suffered major damage. The term 'catastrophic damage' was used to describe the threat. Unfortunately, it accurately described what was about to happen. Downtown Marshalltown was hit especially hard, losing numerous historic brick buildings. The Vermeer plant near Pella also took a direct hit. Buildings were leveled. Cars were tossed around like they were nothing. Injuries have been reported but so far, no casualties. Seven people from the Vermeer plant were taken to a local hospital. All have been released.

One of the most dramatic videos came from Marshalltown as residents saw the top of the clock tower on the courthouse get blown off. Bricks, trees, and other debris liters main street. Another dramatic video showed multiple funnel clouds near Altoona on Thursday. Officials are urging people to please stay away from the affected areas while clean up efforts are underway.


[via Gazette]

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