If you tuned in to last night's episode of American Idol on ABC, then you may have caught the clip of Iowa's own Maddie Poppe officially making it into the top 24. If you blinked you could've missed it, because her big moment was put into a montage with a few other contestants, but we were still SO excited to see her make it to the next round! I have been stalking Maddie on social media non-stop since her audition, so I am obviously a huge fan, but I'm not the only one! I think Maddie has become not only a fan favorite, but also a favorite amongst the judges. Katy Perry even said that Maddie reminds her of herself! Here's the video of Maddie's performance from Sunday of her original song "Don't Ever Let Your Children Grow Up":

Maddie took a break from her busy schedule to give us a call this morning and tell us all the exclusive details on Hollywood Week and what's to come. Here's the interview, in case you missed it:

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