Anybody who knows me at all knows EXACTLY what my favorite food is, and today is a national holiday dedicated just to that food!

Yes, that's right, people. Today is NATIONAL NACHOS DAY! Yay!

Here's a little nacho history for you:

It is said that nachos were invented accidentally (aren't all good things?). In 1943, a man named Anaya was working at Victory Club, a restaurant across the Rio Grande River from Texas. Around a dozen wives of American soldiers had been shopping in the area and decided to stop in because they were hungry. Unfortunately, there was no chef, so Anaya searched the kitchen for food, finding only tortillas and cheese. He cut the tortilla into triangles and melted some cheese with them, and the topped them with jalapenos. Thus was born the first-ever recipe of Nachos Especiales! Wondering where the word nacho came from? Anaya was very short, so "nacho" was his nickname.

Nachos really took off in the 70s/80s, after Frank Liberto started selling them in Arlington Stadium, which, at the time, was the home of the Texas Rangers. He was the one who came up with pre-melted cheese, which was part cheese but also included other ingredients, giving nachos a longer shelf-life. Famous sports broadcaster Howard Cosell praised them during Monday Night Football, and that's how they became a household name.

Please enjoy these pictures of delicious nachos that I've eaten: