Today we start a new series of stories featuring historic or important events from Iowa history.  Each day I'd like to highlight a little piece of Iowa history and either jog your memory or fill you in on all the details.  Hopefully, we can learn a little something, but you may already know the info.  Please let me know if I got something wrong or if you know more details I could add.  I want to get things right AND I'd get to talk to you, so don't let that keep you away.  Join us (Us = Me, Myself, and I) as we delve into the remarkable journey of Barry Morrow. 

The highlight

In Iowa, many a tale is woven with threads of perseverance, creativity, and a touch of brilliance. Here. it's the story of Barry Morrow, a name synonymous with cinematic excellence, whose journey winds back to the sprawling fields and welcoming communities of Iowa. We unravel the captivating narrative of a man whose bond with this Midwestern state shaped not just his identity, but also the landscape of modern storytelling. 

Who is Barry Morrow?

Barry Morrow, brought into the world on this day June 12, 1948.  According to Wikipedia Barry Morrow was born in Austin, Minnesota, and educated at St. Olaf College, In the formative years of his career, Barry Morrow's compassionate spirit led him to the University of Iowa School of Social Work, where he dedicated himself from 1974 to 1982. It was during this time that Morrow's path intersected with destiny in a profound way. In 1975, alongside his wife, Bev, Morrow embarked on a transformative journey by bringing Bill Sackter from Minneapolis to Iowa City. This pivotal moment not only changed Sackter's life but also left an indelible mark on Morrow's own trajectory. In this act of kindness and inclusion, Morrow found not only purpose but also an amazing connection that would shape his life and work for years to come. 

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Barry Morrow's life story is a tapestry of inspiration drawn from the ordinary people he encountered, particularly those with disabilities and remarkable abilities. His scripts, infused with empathy and authenticity, have left an indelible mark on cinema. One of his most celebrated works, "Rain Man," immortalized the extraordinary savant Kim Peek, portrayed by Dustin Hoffman, earning Morrow an Oscar and touching hearts worldwide. Similarly, his portrayal of the mentally disabled Bill Sackter in the TV movie "Bill," brought to life by Mickey Rooney, garnered critical acclaim and numerous accolades. 

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Celebrating Diversity is his wheelhouse

Morrow's commitment to celebrating diversity and inclusion extends beyond the silver screen. His philanthropic endeavors, including the establishment of the Peek Award and his involvement with organizations like the Arc of the United States and the Autism Society of America, reflect his dedication to reshaping societal perceptions. Notably, Morrow's gesture of gifting his Oscar to Kim Peek epitomizes his humility and reverence for the individuals who inspire his art. 

Beyond his cinematic achievements, Morrow's passion for golf is renowned. Preferring the nostalgia of hickory stick golf clubs from before 1940, he approaches the game with the same grace and precision that defines his storytelling. In a nod to his family's creative legacy, Morrow's son Clay earned acclaim with a Primetime Emmy Award for his animated short film "O Sole Minnie." 

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