Authorities in Des Moines had to pull two people to safety after their van entered the Des Moines River this week. How did they end up there? They swerved to miss a deer in the roadway, lost control, and drove into the river. It's hard whenever one of mother nature's creatures runs out in front of you to NOT swerve. But experts agree it's the right move.

If you're worried about hitting a creature while driving, there are some tips that can help keep you safe. Pay attention to shoulders and ditches where the animals can appear from without warning. Look for glowing eyes in the reflection of your headlights. Remember deer travel in groups so if you see one, another is close by. And what about deer whistles? There is no concrete proof that they work at all.

So to swerve or not to swerve. Experts say that for most animals NOT swerving is the best option. Swerving into the path of oncoming traffic is much more dangerous than colliding with a deer, raccoon, or any other animal. The only animal the DMV say you should swerve to avoid? A moose. We're lucky we're in Iowa.


[via KGAN, DMV]

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