SNL will have missed out on a lifetime of news by the time Season 43 premieres this fall, but Weekend Update is doing its best to catch up. And who better to sum things up than beloved former anchor Tina Fey, who drops by to stress-eat over the weekend’s events, and scream into some cake?

Both Fey and former co-anchor Jimmy Fallon dropped by SNL’s second week of Weekend Update in primetime (guess which segment was better), as the former University of Virginia student gave her two cents on this past weekend’s white supremacist tragedy in Charlottesville. Fey also noted that further rallies are planned around the country this coming weekend, for which she recommended supporting local businesses run by other ethnicities, rather than risk escalating violence at the rallies themselves.

With that, Fey tore into an American flag sheet cake to eat her feelings, as we’ve all done now and again. In addition to extolling the virtues of "sheet caking," Fey had harsh words for Paul Ryan over failure to name Donald Trump in condemning the weekend’s racism. Even Michael Che got in on the cake binge, but forgive us if dipping grilled cheese in the frosting doesn’t seem like a half-bad idea.

Elsewhere, Weekend Update will continue its Thursday primetime run for the next few weeks, while SNL itself is likely hard at work selecting hosts for a late September or early October premiere. Hopefully, Tina’s among them. We missed this.

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